Battery Hookup

A household name with all DIYers of battery. The world is a better place because of these good folks who are actually doing good instead of talking about it. Probably a good idea to polish up on Physics regarding charged particles, electromagnetic phenomenon, and power/energy to re-acquaint yourself with Volts, Watts, Ohms, Amps, etc.

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Signature Solar

These folks have a good number of toys at their store, including these server rack batteries. The shipping cost is a little steep, but probably because of the whole Hazardous classification of Lithium batteries thing, in spite of the fact that Lithium Iron Phosphate has been proven to be leaps-and-bounds safer than its more volatile Lithium ion cousin. 


Ian also has a couple of LiFePo4 batteries at his warehouse in Utah with very competitive pricing. 


Chinese battery company apparently with warehouses in California and Georgia selling server rack 48v batteries at a very competitive price.

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Out of Nevada, these folks also have SOK 100AH 48V server rack batteries for a very competitive price.


Young Entrepreneurs out of California selling renewal energy equipment.

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Trophy Battery

This battery pack received very good reviews from a very trusted DIY Solar source on YouTube.

HQST Solar products

I have personally purchased a 12 volt 100 AH LiFePO4 battery for my trolling motor from these good folks. They are very responsive and I suspect are somehow related to the more well known Renogy brand because their product offerings are extremely similar.  

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It goes without mention that Amazon probably has a hand in marketing batteries as well, although surprisingly small representation in the 48v server rack department.

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